Why Natural Light?

January 21, 2020


I’m starting a FAQ series on the blog this year… I’ll address answers to all those “burning” questions my clients have asked in the past. I’ll answer everything from “What should I wear to my session” to personal questions like “What do you and your family do your in your free time?” 


Today’s question… “Do you only use natural light and if so, why or why not?”


I have everything I need for a traditional studio session. However, it’s not really my passion or my happy place. I feel like my artistic spirit is better fed beyond artificial lights and when I’m immersed in natural beauty. Beauty that can often not be store bought nor replicated. There is something so beautiful and pure about natural light. The way sunlight gives a child a twinkle in their eye or the way a sun flare radiates around a couple in love… 

When I’m at home, I find I’m most productive with the lights off and rays of sunlight come peeking through my blinds. Even on gloomy days I find solace from a soft glow of a candle or tiny twinkle lights. As a child, I would spend hours and hours outside. I have fond memories of climbing trees and finding a good branch to sit and read a book. As an adult, I’ve found that nothing quite beats the feeling of a warm breeze on a summer evening with my toes in the sand. In the winter, I’m always willing to bundle up for a brisk walk in the woods to admire the beauty of branches bearing one or two dead leaves that haven’t quite made their way to the ground. 



In summation, the answer is simple. I prefer natural light because it’s something that resonates with my soul it gives myself (and my clients) liberation to tell their story in ways that bring raw and genuine emotion that I don’t believe I could personally achieve in a small room with a black backdrop and a few lights.



Disclaimer: I believe that each photographer has their own unique style and brand. I know photographers that do gorgeous studio work and I know photographers that use off camera flash outdoors and can create pure magic. When selecting a photographer, take a look at their portfolio and see if their work speaks to you. As much as we would all love everyone to be our client, we want YOU to find the right photographer that would be a good fit for you and your family.